October 27th, 2015
  • Click
  • Double cllick
  • Hold
  • Release

Capacitive button library

I've made it my quest to create OOP classes for Arduino. Read about that in this blogpost if you need some more context.

This class is to control capacitive buttons with your Arduino the same way you would control buttons in a Windows forms application. I've used a KEYES capacitive button, but most other capacitive buttons will work as well. This library will help you rule out false clicks and will solve the nitty gritty determining the type of user input and calling the matching event method accordingly.

There are multiple events you can subscribe to:

  • Click
  • Double click
  • Hold
  • Release

Scheme capacitive button

See the demo program how to subscribe to the events.

The capacitive button library can be found here on GitHub.
It uses the BaseTimedElement base class which can be found here on GitHub.

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